Senior Web Analytics Specialist

Senior Web Analytics Specialist

The Senior Web Analytics Specialist is a strategic and business-facing role that requires a unique blend of technical expertise, analytical skills, and strategic thinking. Reporting to the Manager of Analytics Platforms and Reporting, this role will play a pivotal part in defining and implementing our web analytics and data strategy.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Strategy and Collaboration:

o Gain an in-depth understanding of our website architecture, online business model, and marketing strategy.
o Collaborate with stakeholders across various teams to comprehend business goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).
o Serve as a thought leader and subject matter expert in web analytics, tag management, and site optimization within the organization.
o Conduct workshops or training sessions to enhance the team’s analytics capabilities.

2. Analytics Implementation and Optimization:
o Conduct a comprehensive audit of existing web analytics setups and recommend improvements.
o Define and improve capabilities for site performance monitoring, unique user session capture, A/B and multivariate testing, and customer journey analysis.
o Oversee and guide developer tagging efforts, including deposit tracking, custom events, and other advanced tracking requirements.
o Implement and maintain tag manager/container solutions to streamline the deployment of analytics and marketing tags across digital properties.
o Set up webhooks and integrations with Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to enable data sharing and enrichment.
o Review and architect the data integration between the CDP platform data and the Web Analytics platform, ensuring seamless data flow and consistency.

3. Tag management:
o Assess current tagging structures and define a strategy for streamlined tag management.
o Work with tech and marketing teams to design a system that ensures accurate tracking of user behavior.
o Help define roles, responsibilities, and ownership of tag management within teams, and design appropriate training programs for end-users.
o Manage the implementation process, ensuring data accuracy and compliance with data privacy standards.

4. Governance & Monitoring:
o Implement user management and audit dashboards for monitoring and governance of web analytics and tag management solutions.
o Establish a monitoring solution to track the status of active and inactive tags across digital properties.
o Ensure data quality and integrity by identifying and resolving tracking issues and data discrepancies.

5. Data Warehouse Integration:
o Collaborate with the Data Warehouse team to define the scope of web data integration into the Data Warehouse.
o Conduct feasibility analyses and provide High-Level Requirements (HLRs) for web data integration into the Data Warehouse.
o Perform data analysis and quality checks to ensure the integrity of web data in the Data Warehouse.

6. Continuous Improvement and Documentation:
o Act as a liaison between technical teams and non-technical stakeholders to translate complex data concepts.
o Perform regular audits to ensure the integrity and accuracy of data.
o Recommend improvements in data collection and analysis processes.
o Document all strategies, tactics, and recommendations that arise from the above responsibilities.

Experience Required:

• At least 5 years of proven experience leading and delivering successful web analytics, tag management, and site optimization platform deployments at an enterprise level.
• Hands-on experience with Piwik Pro, Matomo, and Google Analytics.
• Familiarity with developer tagging practices, including deposit tracking, custom events, and advanced tracking requirements.
• Experience implementing and maintaining tag manager/container solutions (e.g., Google Tag Manager).
• Knowledge of user management, auditing, and monitoring solutions for web analytics and tag management platforms.
• Experience collaborating with Data Warehouse teams and understanding data integration requirements.
• Familiarity with Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and setting up webhooks/integrations for data sharing and enrichment.
• Experience in architecting and reviewing data integration between CDP platforms and Web Analytics platforms.
• Demonstrated examples of using data to drive, improve, and influence onsite user behavior and experience.
• Experience with personalization and targeted content.
• Strong understanding of SEO, SEM, and online marketing strategies.
• Familiarity with web development languages (HTML, JavaScript).

This role requires a unique combination of technical expertise, analytical abilities, and strategic thinking to drive data-driven decision-making and optimize digital strategies within the organization, while ensuring proper governance, monitoring, data quality, seamless integration with the Data Warehouse and Customer Data Platforms, and effective data architecture between various platforms.

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