People are our business

We want to be a great place to work and give you the opportunities to reach your potential. Our strong working culture is based on a clear set of values and focuses on continuous professional development. In this way, we can help you be better prepared for a fast-changing world and build the career you want – with us, of course!

We believe our company is our people. This is why we invest so much time in our employees’ well-being. We put extra effort into creating an environment that is not only international, friendly, inclusive and multicultural, but also provides opportunities for lifelong learning.

Individual Development Plans provide role-based learning with coaching, mentoring and training. We encourage Enterprise Contribution – that is, contributing to our other areas of the business by, for example, working together on cross-functional projects.

Our focus on building and developing our people ultimately helps us better serve our clients.

What we value most

Our values are more than words; they are what we as a company hold dearest. A set of clear guiding principles and what we all try and live by – the core of our DNA.


We are all in customer service: No one wins alone, so we give everything we have to benefit each other and the end users.


Solve real problems: We are self-motivated, competitive players working on impactful solutions in the relentless pursuit of great things.


Embrace diversity: Seek out dissenting opinions and listen to each other’s perspectives, while remembering that our only competition is outside the group.


Adapt quickly: Momentum is critical, so we move fast. We avoid the potential pitfalls of this by not confusing a sense of urgency with a state of emergency.


Fearlessly face forward together: Turn the right risks into results by being intentional in all our efforts while protecting our business and our people at all times.


Act like an owner: Be accountable for the results of your work. Challenge each other to get better every day, while supporting and respecting their development.