Business Intelligence – identifying the most important customers

One of our clients asked us to help them identify their most important and loyal customers early in their lifecycle.

The challenge we faced

Their business is purely digital, so they lack the personal touchpoints that often allow brick-and-mortar businesses to onboard, guide, and retain valuable customers from first contact.

How we approached it

A meticulous requirements-gathering process, followed by collaborative team brainstorming to address the strategic impact envisioned by the client. All the while learning the data sets needed to feed into the models and outputs being built eventually.

What was the result?

After careful analysis and research, our Data Science team crafted a solution using a machine-learning algorithm to segment and identify important and loyal customers by learning about their purchasing behaviour, allowing our client to create programs to track those customers and ensure high customer service from the outset.

The team's ability to identify our most valuable customers with such accuracy has been invaluable. Now, we can proactively engage these customers, enhancing their experience and boosting long-term loyalty.”