Project Management – solving the challenges of accelerated deadlines

We launched an exclusive invite-only brand for one of our clients, targeting their highest-value customers. This new brand is focused on demonstrating exceptional service and consistently delivering inspired digital and real-world experiences that surprise and delight their customers.

The challenge we faced

The client asked to bring the launch timeline forward by several months to hit their annual targets.

How we approached it

We worked closely with the client to define which features and deliverables needed to be part of the initial launch and which could come in a second phase. We then did in-depth planning sessions with the project team, as well as the software development provider, to see how we could deliver the items to pull the timeline in.

What was the result?

We were able to deliver a compelling brand in the launch timelines requested, allowing the customer to gain value from their targeted customers early on whilst refining the product and delivering further value in later phases.

The Strategic Projects team took the time to understand our ambitious vision. Not only did they help us meet our goals, but their ability to anticipate our needs made the entire process seamless.”