Global Translation Services – an unexpected solution

Creating a video & voiceover product for induction processes

The challenge we faced

One of our clients asked us to create a translated version of a PowerPoint presentation, so we suggested creating video & voice-over versions of the presentation, which would better serve the ultimate purpose of creating an engaging induction for new joiners.

How we approached it

We contacted and tested professional audio and video suppliers, sourcing a pool of voice-over artists for the client. Once the client approved the voice-over samples, we started processing the order, which included converting the PowerPoint decks to a translation-friendly format, translating the original English to Spanish, and assembling the decks in both requested languages. We compiled detailed pronunciation guidelines for the selected voice-over artists and worked with the supplier on the video creation. Finally, the resulting videos were fully quality-checked for any visual issues.

What was the result?

We created a high-quality video product in two languages, which is being actively used as part of the induction process for all new joiners to the company.

The video was exactly what we were after and will add a lot of value to our onboarding project. Ensuring every company employee receives a basic induction during their onboarding process is hugely valuable to set the tone for a positive security culture. Thanks again for the support on this, and I look forward to working with the team again.”