IT Operations – reducing the pain points of transformation

A mid-sized BPO services provider needed their IT infrastructure overhauled and streamlined as frequent outages and slow response times impacted client services and staff productivity.

The challenge we faced

The legacy infrastructure, lack of visibility into network performance, and reactive incident management practices disrupted critical services, leading to delivery delays, staff frustrations and potential compliance risks.

How we approached it

We worked closely with the IT team and clinical stakeholders to understand pain points and prioritise areas for improvement by deploying a network monitoring solution, conducting a thorough assessment of infrastructure, and optimising network configurations. We developed standardised incident response procedures and provided training to IT staff.

What was the result?

Improved network reliability boosted staff confidence and enhanced the patient care experience, which reduced network-related incidents by 75% and improved incident resolution times by 23%.

Quartz’s solutions transformed our IT operations. They partnered with us to understand our challenges and implement solutions that directly and positively impacted our day-to-day operations, minimising disruptions to our client services and significantly improving our ability to deliver on our commitments.”