A custom machine-learning solution for digital customers

The challenge we faced

We were asked by one of our clients to help them identify their most important and loyal customers early in their lifecycle. As their business is purely digital, they lacked the personal touchpoints that often allow brick and mortar businesses to onboard, guide and retain valuable customers from first contact.

What was the solution?

After careful analysis and research, our Data Science team crafted a solution using a machine learning algorithm to segment and identify those important and loyal customers by learning about their purchasing behavior. Thus allowing our client to craft programs to track those customers and ensure a high level of customer service from the outset.

While machine learning and AI are hot topics in the field of data science, solutions still require a vast amount of customization in order to craft an appropriate solution. Our strength is knowing that we can rely on team members with a wide breadth of analytics experience and business acumen in order to craft an appropriate solution.”