Solving the challenges of moving headquarters to a new country

The challenge we faced

We were tasked to help a client move their headquarters to a new country. One of the challenges we faced in the project was the relocation of key talent to the new headquarters. We had to register the company with the Government to be able to employ oversees workers. Whilst we had been advised that this process would take 1 month from the submission of the documents, in reality it took 3-4 months. Adding to this challenge, the Government only allotted the client 5 work permit slots versus the required 25.

How we approached it

We flagged this issue immediately and worked with the business stakeholders, HR, Legal and Operations to find a mitigation strategy. We sourced temporary office space for some of the staff due for relocation, as their previous office had been shut down. Further, we worked with external counsel and the Government to ascertain why the client had only been granted 5 work permit slots and how to increase this allocation.

What was the result?

Over a period of months, we managed to secure further work permit allocations and relocate most of the staff members, whilst finding suitable local talent for the remaining roles.

The Quartz team achieved the impossible by delivering to a high standard and within our deadlines, and will forever be our go-to for large scale organizational projects.”